Christ Central Ministry Churches all follow an established system when it comes to our mission work. We “re-tithe” or tithe on the tithe. 10% of the money that comes into the local church is tithed back out to missions. We break up that 10% into four equal parts. We used this formula to accomplish the Lord’s Commission found in Acts 1:8 (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth).

In House Missions

Household of Faith - Twenty five percent of our mission work is toward people in our own fellowship. We assist people with food through our food bank and kitchen ministry. We also assist in emergency situations when possible.

Local Missions

We help to support people in our community either through our own outreaches or by partnering with other existing ministries. We currently do an annual Back to School Bash where we give away free backpacks, school supplies and haircuts to needy children. We also have an addiction support group (Greater Visions), that ministers to people suffering with addiction problems. We have a food bank that is opened to the public and we work with LOVE INC of Suwannee County, a local benevolent ministry. We also support W.O.L.R. a local Christian Radio station (Check out Pastor Wayne’s daily message) and Future Now an outreach ministry taking the Gospel to children in the Public Schools.

National Missions

Our national program is ran through the CCM Covenant Fellowship. We have a church planting program establishing CCM churches as the Lord leads. We have “Vital Visions” an equipping ministry that trains church leaders at every level. Vital Visions is also the place where ministers are trained, equipped and licensed. We also are developing a National Disaster Team to respond to national disasters. We are also developing a radio and television production department to broadcast the Gospel.

International Missions

Our international program is also ran through the CCM Network. Our international program has exploded in a very short time and we have truly tried to take it to an international level. Partners of Greater Hope currently partners with 40 other churches to do extensive missionary work in numerous countries. We have orphanages in the Philippines, Honduras and India. We have a medical mission team and other ministry teams that minister to the body as well as to the spirit of those where we go to minister.