Music Department Vision Statement

We exist to:


Prepare the hearts of God’s children for the Word to go forth.

Reunite our hearts with God’s through the art of worship.

Ascend to the holy place for a time of intimate fellowship with the Father.

Instill in God’s people the importance and power of praise.

Sing and shout the praises of the Mighty God

Exalt God above all else, glorify His name to the ends of the earth, and in genuine worship-Bless His heart!


What WORSHIP means to us:



It is often far too easy to praise God while we are at church in his presence, and then return to our daily duties without much use of our gift of praise. There are always things that seem to jump in the way of our worship. Work, home life, family and so much more can easily take our focus off of the continual act of praising God(Psalms 34:1-“I will [bless] the Lord at [all] times, and his [praise] shall [continually] be in my mouth.”) At Christ Central, it is our goal not only to usher in the presence of God in every service, but to live in that presence on a daily basis. It is the desire of our leadership for the God's people to be “dripping” with the anointing and presence of God twenty-four-seven!!!


That is what W.O.R.S.H.I.P. is all about. It is not just a Sunday morning ritual. It’s a lifestyle. And just like any other lifestyle habit, it must be practiced, repeated, and perfected on a continual basis. The body of Christ has begun to see the moving of the Spirit like never before, and I know that satan would love for nothing more than to squash the movement of God among his people. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for the attack, equip ourselves with the proper tools to press forward, and allow God the due credit for bringing us through the battle.


At CCM Live Oak, worship is more than just a few songs in the bulletin. It's a lifestyle. It is the ultimate expression of intimacy between a loving father and his children. We invite you to come and experience the Glory of God, and find your place among his children. So please, stop by and visit. We look forward to worshiping with you!



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