A Message From Pastor Wayne

Soldiers of the Cross

2 Timothy 2:1-7

The Bible uses many words to describe our life as a Christian. We are called the children of God, family of God, sons and daughters, slaves and bondservants, heirs and joint heirs, the body of Christ, the bride of Christ.

The Bible also uses the word soldier to describe our life as a Christian. In our text we are admonished to “endure hardness as a good soldier”. Now the statement “endure hardness” is one word in the original Greek-“Kakopatheo” to suffer and endure evils, hardship and troubles and it means to endure thru the afflictions.

So as Christians we are to suffer and endure all our trials, tribulation, evils and hardships “As a good soldier would”.

The word” good” here is interesting, the Greek is “Kalos” which means- Excellent in its nature and characteristics, and therefore well adapted to its ends, also beautiful, precious, genuine and suitable.

And I believe we all understand what a soldier is- one employed by a military to accomplish the goals of that institution. So tonight I want us to take a look at what a good soldier is like.

1. Soldiers are employed-grunts not officers.
2. They don’t make decisions they follow orders,
3. They do what their told-not what they want
4. They don’t have a life of their own-they belong to the Gov.
5. They live in conformity/same dress-clothes-privilege
6. They have extensive training
Starting at basic training
Then they have an “A” school
They have continuing education
7. They are deployed where the Gov. says
8. They are deployed as long as the Gov. says
9. When they are obedient- they get promoted
We must understand that the rules, regulations, training, and the harshness that soldiers are subjected to-are for their own good. There is an old saying in the world- War is hell. The techniques have been tried- and proven- They are meant to save the soldiers life. In the time of war the troops must respond properly, quickly, decisively and accurately.

God uses the analogy of Christians being soldier-soldiers of the cross
We are at war- we have an enemy
We have our marching orders- God has determined our battle plan
We have the best training program- our enemy as nothing on us
We have the best weapons- no weapon formed against us shall prosper
We have an adequate defense system
We have a capable commander in Chief

The only thing that can defeat us is our own soldiers (ourselves). There are too many of God’s soldiers going AWOL, bailing out of the fight. As long as we stay in the fight we are guaranteed to win- but I am afraid that too many Christians don’t get it- they don’t understand that we are apart of God’s Army and they view the Christian life like most civilians would. Our text today points out that a good soldier does not entangle himself in the civilian affairs (things of this world) but devotes himself to the things of his commanding officer. As good soldiers we should devote ourselves to the things of the Kingdom of God.

In the Church there are basically two schools of thought on how we get into the kingdom, like in the natural there are 2 kinds of Armies-a volunteer and a draft. One theological stance is that the Kingdom of God is like a volunteer army and we join of our own. (freewill, Armenian ). Others feel it’s more like a drafted army (predestination, Calvinism). But none the less- once a soldier is in- he is in- there is an old song I remember from an old movie-Your in the Army Now-But none the less- whether you join or are drafted your in

The only way out is to complete your time- or get an dishonorable discharge- I don’t know about you- I don’t want to fight the system- I want to serve with pride- I want to make my kingdom proud- If I go down- I want to go down as a hero---not a deserter

Here me Church. Too many Christians treat their salvation too lightly, like we are on vacation or something. We are at war.

I believe that God is raising up an army. A well trained, devoted, radical group of soldiers determined to see the devil and his armies defeated. My question to you today is- where do you stand?

Supporting Scriptures: Ephesians 6:10-20, 1 Peter 5:8, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

This is the written outline of this sermon preached by Pastor Wayne Godsmark. If you would like an audio copy of the message please contact Christ Central Ministries of Live Oak


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